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Module g_lin_fit

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Generic linear best fits.

fit(idata, fitting_fcns, ff_info=None, wt=None)
Fits data to a linear combination of fitting_fcns.
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  __package__ = 'gmisclib'

Imports: types, Num

Function Details

fit(idata, fitting_fcns, ff_info=None, wt=None)

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Fits data to a linear combination of fitting_fcns.

  • fitting_fcns (an array of functions.) - the basis functions for the linear regression. The fitting functions return vectors (which must match the data). Fitting functions are called as f(info, ff_info, len(vector)). Vectors may have different lengths, as long as the corresponding data and fit vectors agree.
  • idata (an array of (vector, info).)
Returns: tuple
The returned value is a tuple of: the coefficients of the optimal solution (as an array), the residual (a single float number), the rank of the fit (int), an array of the singular values, and the best fit to the data. The returned value follows Num.LA.linear_least_squares(), except that residual is always calculated and is a scalar.