Script l_classifier
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Script l_classifier

A classifier that assumes that P is linear in position. This is known as a (linear) logistic discriminant analysis:

This is a script that can be run from the Linux command line. Usage: l_classifier [flags] < input_data >log_file This script also produces two files: classes.chunk and


The input data is a multicolumn ASCII file with one line per measurement to be classified. Columns are separated by whitespace and are:

The standard output contains miscellaneous progress information and lines (that are prefixed with "WRONG") that list incorrect classifications. However, comprehensive classification information can be found in classes.chunk. This provides a list of all the classifiers that were generated, and contains enough information to reconstruct the classifiers so that they could be applied to another set of data. (classes.chunk is in a format readable by It is recommended that it be read in by read_classified.read_classes_header (if you just want the top few lines of header information), or read_classified.read_classes for the full description.

The header contains information on classifier performance. It contains attribute/value pairs as follows:

  __package__ = None

Imports: die, Q, QC