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H1 Example Prosody Description

The following example is and example from Figure 9 in G. Kochanski and C. Shih, Prosody Modeling with Soft Templates, (Speech Communication, Vol 39 (3-4), 2003, pp. 311-352).

# These lines establish basic parameters that describe the speaker:
ltype=settings; add=1;
ltype=settings; smooth=0.05;
ltype=settings; base=200;
ltype=settings; max=700;
ltype=settings; min=10;
ltype=settings; pdroop=0;
ltype=settings; adroop=10;
ltype=settings; jitter=0.0;
ltype=settings; jittercut=1.0;
ltype=settings; range=410;

# These lines describe the shape of different kinds of accents:
atype=0.5; ltype=aclass; name=AC0; shape=-0.004s0.0,-0.002s0.2,0.000s0.5,0.002s0.7,0.004s1.0; stype=0.0; type=0.5; wscale=1.0;
atype=0; ltype=aclass; name=AC1; shape=-0.004s0,-0.002s0.5,0.000s0.85,0.002s0.9,0.004s1.0; stype=0; type=0.5; wscale=1; ctrshift=0
atype=0; ltype=aclass; name=AC2; shape=-0.004s-0.22,-0.002s-0.35,0.000s-0.35,0.002s0.25,0.004s0.96; stype=0; type=0.5; wscale=1; ctrshift=0
atype=0.0; ltype=aclass; name=AC3; shape=-0.004s-0.5,-0.002s0.5,0.000s1.0,0.002s0.0,0.004s-0.5; stype=0.0; type=0.5; wscale=1; ctrshift=0.0

# Here we have a step in a phrase curve:
ltype=tag;Cname=step_to; pos=0.4; strength=1.0; to=0.2;name=foo;
ltype=tag;Cname=step_by; pos=1.1; strength=1.0; by=0.8;name=foo;

# Here we have five accents:
ltype=tag;Cname=stress; ac_index=1; pos=0.48; strength=0.5; wscale=28.0; name=foo;
ltype=tag;Cname=stress; ac_index=2; pos=0.65; strength=0.4; wscale=25.0; name=foo;
ltype=tag;Cname=stress; ac_index=3; pos=0.76; strength=0.4; wscale=22.0; name=foo;
ltype=tag;Cname=stress; ac_index=2; pos=1.05; strength=1.1; wscale=32; name=foo;
ltype=tag;Cname=stress; ac_index=2; pos=1.36; strength=0.7; wscale=62.0; name=foo;
ltype=tag;Cname=phrase; pos=1.80; name=foo;

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