[audio] What have you been doing to this boy of mine. e0001.a.gif
[audio] Couldn't you walk home alone, Uncle Oliver? e0002.a.gif
[audio] Shall I take my gun or fishing rod? e0003.a.gif
[audio] Now really Jo, you ought to treat me with more respect. e0004.a.gif
[audio] I find it hard to believe that you sound better than you look. e0005.a.gif
[audio] We were away a year ago. e0006.a.gif
[audio] Marilyn won nine million dollars. e0007.a.gif
[audio] Dirty rats are the best, aren't they? e0008.a.gif
[audio] Oh how I love my job at Tosoh and hope that I can work here forever and ever. e0009.a.gif
[audio] I wish you'd go somewhere far off. e0010.a.gif

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