Prosody Logo Prosody and Prosodic Models
ICSLP 2002 - September 16, 2002, Denver Colorado
Chilin Shih and Greg Kochanski
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The tutorial will summarize the state of the art of prosody research with an emphasis on intonation (f0). We will present it in a data- and knowledge- driven fashion, starting with speech data and physiology, and building towards quantitative models. We will cover a wide range of intonation phenomena, discussing the variations, the cause of variations, and their implications to prosodic modeling.

Section 1: What is Prosody

The physical bases of prosody: what gestures and acoustic features carry information, and how acoustic measurements relate to physiology.

Prosody as a communications channel: We will discuss what information is carried by prosody and show examples (from several languages) with variations. Linguistic theories will be discussed where applicable.

Section 2: Prosodic Models

We will comment on the strengths and limitations of a variety of theories and modeling techniques.

Section 3: A Modeling Example

We show an example of modeling intonation. In the example, we build a complete, quantitative model of a set of "Confirming Questions" in English. These are questions which implicitly ask whether a digit in a number was heard correctly. The experiment studies the interaction of question, stress, and emphasis.


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