Chinese Intonation:
Connecting Linguistics to Acoustics


What is the goal?

Existing work

But F0 bumps don’t match accents…

Existing work

Existing work


Another Challenge

Basic assumptions used in modeling

Speech is planned.

People talk nearly as fast as possible.

Speech could be optimal

Optimize what?

Modeling math


Modeling math

Model behavior

Q:Where did this “strength” come from?

Physical implementations of prosody

Modeling math

The rest of the model.

Model fits to Mandarin Chinese

What’s the procedure?

Model fits for Mandarin Chinese

Strengths are stable under small changes in the model.

Model parameters

Model parameters

Model parameters

Metrical patterns inside words

Other nice properties

Local Conclusion

But does it work for English?


The model for English

Model details

Model fits well over a range of speeds.

More fits - English confirming questions.

Local conclusion

Why is the model so compact?

Similar Effects in other Articulators?