Prosody Logo Prosody and Prosodic Models
ICSLP 2002 - September 16, 2002, Denver Colorado
Chilin Shih and Greg Kochanski
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Emotion dataset: Couldn't you walk home alone, Uncle Oliver?

[audio] Declarative e0002.d.gif
[audio] Question e0002.q.gif
[audio] Excitement e0002.e.gif
[audio] Excitement e0002.e.1.gif
[audio] Disappointment e0002.p.gif
[audio] Hot anger e0002.h.gif
[audio] Cold anger e0002.c.gif
[audio] Sarcastic e0002.r.gif
[audio] Sarcastic e0002.r.1.gif
[audio] Afraid e0002.a.gif
[audio] Afraid e0002.a.1.gif
[audio] Impatient e0002.i.gif
[audio] Lifeless, dull e0002.l.gif
[audio] Sad e0002.s.gif
[audio] Sad e0002.s.1.gif

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