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PyLapack is a python interface to LAPACK. (The User's guide is at .) LAPACK is a library of linear algebra subroutines for doing all the usual things, but efficiently on modern machines.

This version is 0.21, the same as 0.2, except that it has a modern (Python distutils ) installation script. Once you have Python and CLAPACK installed, you should be able to download PyLapack, un-tar it, change to its directory and type
python install
That's all. Possibly you might have to be root, depending on your system configuration. You can install to a nonstandard place like this:
python install --prefix=/home/me
to install into /home/me/lib/pythonX.X/site-packages . If you have the FORTRAN version of LAPACK, rather than the C-translation, you need to include an extra file in the installation. To do this, just edit the
file to add the file __hack__ to the list by uncommenting one line. This file, __hack__ defines the symbol MAIN__, which the FORTRAN version needs for some odd reason.

The previous version can be found here.

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