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I am the volunteer administrator for the ZZZ and Black Cohosh Information Center, ... and how to effectively ease its symptoms. In our efforts to promote awareness about ZZZ, we have been looking for websites to exchange links with. ...

If you will link to "The ZZZ and Black Cohosh Information Center", located at ZZZ and send me an email listing where the link can be found on your site, I will add your reciprocal link to our site within 24 hours.


Dear Ms. Whitley,

I really can't endorse Black Cohosh for much of anything unless I see some proper studies that prove it works.

It's a matter of professional standards and personal ethics.

Many people believe that a few individual testimonials are a good enough reason to try something or recommend it, but that's not so. Let me give you a story.

Imagine that (I'm sure it's not so!) half of the people who use Black Cohosh get better, and half die within a week. Will you still get testimonials? You betcha! The recovered ones will burble away, and the dead ones will be quite quiet. Even an opinion poll of users will indicate that 100% of the respondents are happy with the stuff.

So, you have to be careful. Nature is not malicious, but nature is sometimes rather complex and confusing.

The techniques for being careful are really the core of medical science that we've learned over the last few hundred years. In a proper study, you

  1. Follow all the patients as well as you can (to make sure the dead ones don't lie silently).
  2. Always compare people getting the treatment against a similar group of people who don't get the treatment. This is called a "control group". People sometimes feel better without any help, all by themselves, and you have to find out how many will get better without Black Cohosh.
After all, if you want to know if Black Chohosh is better than nothing, you need to find out how good is nothing!

So, I'd love to exchange links, but only if you have something that really works.

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