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Class roughness_c

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This should be based on Hutchinson and KNopoff 1978 Kameoka an Kuriygawa 1969a; Viemeister 1988; Aures 1985; Plomp and Levelt 1965. But it isn't yet.

Hutchinson W. and Knopoff, L. 1978 The acoustic componenet of Western consonance. Interface 7, 1-29.

Kameoka and Kuriygawa 1969. Consonance Theory: Part 1. J. Acoustical Soc. America. 45 1451-1458 (and 1459-1469 for part II).

Viemeister, N. F. 1977 Temporal factors in audition: A system analysis approach. In E. F. Evans and J. P. Wilson (eds) Psychophysics and physiology of hearing (pp. 419-429) London: Academic Press

Aures, W. 1985 Ein Berechnun gsverfahren der Rauhigkeit [A roughness calculation method] Acustica 58 268-281

Plomp R. and Levelt W. 1965 Tonal consonance and critical bandwidth. JASA 38, 548-560.

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add(self, y, dt, diss_bw) source code
get(self, Dt) source code

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