Module irregularity
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Module irregularity

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This script produces a measure of the irregularity of a waveform. It is zero if the waveform is precisely periodic. It is approximately 1 for white noise.

This is used as the aperiodicity measure in Kochanski, Coleman, Grabe and Rosner JASA 2005.

predict_err(d, delays, dt, Dt) source code
local_power(d, dt, Dt) source code
fractional_step_range(initial, final, step=1)
Generates an array of window offsets.
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aperiodicity(d, dt, Dt) source code
block_aperiodicity(data, dt, Dt, blocksize=6.0) source code
test(pylab) source code
  DELTA_DELAY = 6.63145596216e-05
  Fmin = 50.0
  Fmax = 500.0
  Fhp = 500.0
  WINDOW = 0.02
  BLOCK_EDGE = 0.1
  DBG = None
  __package__ = None

Imports: sys, M, numpy, die, power, gpkimgclass, voice_misc

Function Details

fractional_step_range(initial, final, step=1)

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Generates an array of window offsets. No two offsets are equal, and they are integers between initial and final.