Package gmisclib :: Module named_block_file
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Module named_block_file

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Read and write files in the form [label] text text text [label2] text text ...

The format is imperfect to the extent that it does not allow the text to contain things that look like labels.

When used as a script, it selects regions of such a file and prints them on the standard output: Usage: key1 [key2] <input >output The sections labelled key1 and key2 will be output in order, with no separators other than a newline in between.

read(fd) source code
write_key(fd, k) source code
write_text(fd, t) source code
write_line(fd, t) source code
write_line_kv(fd, k, v) source code
write(fd, d) source code
  __package__ = 'gmisclib'

Imports: g_encode, re