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Module mcmc_socket

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This is a helper module to make use of and It allows you to conveniently run a Monte-Carlo simulation of any kind until it converges (stepper.run_to_bottom) or until it has explored a large chunk of parameter space (stepper.run_to_ergodic).

It also helps you with logging the process.

When run in parallel, each processor does its thing more-or-less independently. However, every few steps, they exchange notes on their current progress. If one finds an improved vertex, it will be passed on to other processors via

precompute_logp(lop) source code
test_opt(args) source code
  Debug = 0
  __package__ = 'gmisclib'

Imports: sys, random, numpy, die, mcmc, MCH, TooManyLoops, warnevery, logger_template, test, step_acceptor, make_stepper_from_lov, MC