Package gmisclib :: Module mcmc_mpi :: Class stepper
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Class stepper

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Instance Methods
__init__(self, x, maxloops=-1, logger=None, share=None)
x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature
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reset_loops(self, maxloops=-1) source code
communicate_hook(self, id) source code
synchronize_start(self, id) source code
synchronize_end(self, id) source code
synchronize_abort(self, id) source code
synchronize(self, id) source code
note(self, s, lvl) source code
size(self) source code
rank(self) source code
After calling close(), it is no longer legal to call run_to_change(), run_to_ergodic(), or run_to_bottom(). (Inherited from gmisclib.mcmc_helper.stepper)
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run_to_bottom(self, ns=3, acceptable_step=None)
Run the Markov Chain Monte-Carlo until it converges near a minimum. (Inherited from gmisclib.mcmc_helper.stepper)
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run_to_change(self, ncw=1, acceptable_step=None, update_T=False)
Run the Markov Chain Monte-Carlo until it finds an acceptable step. (Inherited from gmisclib.mcmc_helper.stepper)
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run_to_ergodic(self, ncw=1, T=1.0)
Run the stepper until it has explored all of parameter space ncw times (as best as we can estimate). (Inherited from gmisclib.mcmc_helper.stepper)
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Class Variables
  MPIID = 1241

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Method Details

__init__(self, x, maxloops=-1, logger=None, share=None)

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x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

Overrides: object.__init__
(inherited documentation)

reset_loops(self, maxloops=-1)

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Overrides: mcmc_helper.stepper.reset_loops

communicate_hook(self, id)

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Overrides: mcmc_helper.stepper.communicate_hook

synchronize_start(self, id)

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Overrides: mcmc_helper.stepper.synchronize_start

synchronize_end(self, id)

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Overrides: mcmc_helper.stepper.synchronize_end

synchronize_abort(self, id)

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Overrides: mcmc_helper.stepper.synchronize_abort

note(self, s, lvl)

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Overrides: mcmc_helper.stepper.note