Package gmisclib :: Module g_pylab
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Module g_pylab

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This class works in concert with bin/ to allow you to display simple pylab/matplotlib graphics on another machine. It's most useful if you need to do plots from a machine where pylab isn't or cannot be installed.

Imports: summer, WE, TU, dist, Arrow, xlim, copper, MONTHLY, text, over, fft, FR, window_none, get_plot_commands, entropy, sci, find, gcf, contourf, detrend_mean, frange, cholesky, ma, is_closed_polygon, clf, stineman_interp, cla, fft2, bench, imshow, savefig, PolarAxes, rec2csv, subplot_tool, slogdet, ylabel, center_matrix, refft, get_sparse_matrix, save, Annotation, norm, SECONDLY, path_length, random, MultipleLocator, mlab, cbook, get_scale_names, get_backend, drange, psd, datestr2num, xscale, grid, quiverkey, step, bar, is_numlike, setp, matrix_power, waitforbuttonpress, vector_lengths, qr, window_hanning, plot_date, FormatStrFormatter, relativedelta, MonthLocator, cool, longest_contiguous_ones, colors, irfftn, fftn, lstsq, tensorinv, dist_point_to_segment, pinv, ispower2, rcParamsDefault, bone, fftsurr, LogFormatter, poly_below, hfft, isvector, refftn, ioff, minorticks_on, prctile, eigvalsh, YEARLY, rcdefaults, rfft, imsave, connect, LogFormatterMathtext, imread, close, matshow, Formatter, is_string_like, MINUTELY, spectral, NullFormatter, ifftshift, SubplotTool, YearLocator, get_xyz_where, inside_poly, axes, rk4, IndexLocator, hist, bivariate_normal, iterable, rc, pcolormesh, axvline, plotting, twiny, twinx, plt, log2, arrow, date2num, HOURLY, rec_join, acorr, num2epoch, Widget, matplotlib, stem, detrend_linear, detrend, l2norm, FigureCanvasBase, hsv, disconnect, Line2D, refft2, legend, WEEKLY, box, irfft2, levypdf, IndexDateFormatter, MO, DateFormatter, semilogx, semilogy, rrule, Locator, LinAlgError, broken_barh, binary_repr, warnings, HourLocator, epoch2num, l1norm, Rectangle, xcorr, rec_drop_fields, ginput, load, ScalarFormatter, irfft, ranf, cm, exp_safe, fill_between, Axes, fftshift, MaxNLocator, num2date, loglog, annotate, silent_list, pink, figtext, figimage, LogLocator, table, cohere, normpdf, AutoLocator, ifftn, get_cmap, plot, flag, rgrids, irefft, jet, strpdate2num, rfftn, findobj, axhline, axhspan, xticks, spring, slopes, mx2num, LogFormatterExponent, ihfft, fftfreq, ifft2, vlines, longest_ones, gray, NullLocator, matrix_rank, demean, switch_backend, distances_along_curve, liaupunov, ifft, SU, csv2rec, prctile_rank, hold, prism, sample, segments_intersect, pcolor, norm_flat, Figure, ishold, fignum_exists, Text, rec_append_fields, fill_betweenx, det, poly_between, hexbin, clabel, colorbar, DateLocator, subplots_adjust, xlabel, rfft2, eig, cond, SA, scatter, flatten, Normalize, spy, MinuteLocator, quiver, Polygon, figure, yscale, fill, inv, specgram, pie, DAILY, irefftn, autumn, isinteractive, eigvals, plotfile, set_cmap, Circle, barh, clim, rms_flat, DayLocator, get_scale_docs, gca, WeekdayLocator, get_current_fig_manager, suptitle, Tester, gci, csd, RRuleLocator, get, ylim, figlegend, Slider, hot, minorticks_off, exception_to_str, TH, np, add_newdocs, FixedFormatter, axis, register_cmap, mpl, LinearLocator, dedent, normalize, draw, interactive, test, Artist, boxplot, Button, yticks, get_fignums, errorbar, thetagrids, sys, ion, irefft2, amap, eigh, detrend_none, polar, colormaps, identity, winter, subplot, griddata, hlines, movavg, delaxes, contour, axvspan, svd, pylab_setup, TickHelper, getp, figaspect, base_repr, barbs, solve, rcParams, SecondLocator, title, prepca, FixedLocator, FuncFormatter, tensorsolve