In honor of National Poetry Month

Night in the city

Streetlights turn on as evening falls,
*click*, *click*, *click*, the row burns brightly
Goths begin to gather, in ones and threes and twos.
Flashes of electric blue hair and martian green accessories
shine under a thousand neon stars that
crickle, crackle with energy.
Despite pierced ears and black lipstick,
polite excuses echo round,
singing to the beat of shared iPods,
echoing off the bare brick walls
and bouncing down alleys lit by ember cigarettes.
The air of smokers musk and girlfriends perfume.
At night the hidden comes to light,
draws the people burning like a flame,
the curious, the queer.
The ones that love the city light and relish in the moment,
the ones  that vanish like a dream
and leave you in the morning.


Leah Kochanski 2012.