Scrabble®ing for Recipes

  1. Take the normal Scrabble rule set.
  2. Allow all Scrabble words, plus proper nouns and foreign food-related words that one might reasonably found printed on a package in the local supermarket.
  3. The player must say one or more sentences that use all the words from the his/her turn, and that describe or advertise a food, in glowing, enthusiastic terms.
    1. If the sentences form an advertisement, the point score is halved (rounded down).
    2. If the sentences form a recipe, one point is added.
    3. The food described must be something that could plausibly be found in at least one restaurant, somewhere on Earth, today.
    4. The food should not be too ordinary.
    5. If the players cannot agree on #3.1 … 3.4, after some discussion and/or retries, then they probably shouldn’t be playing this game.

Scrabble board.


  • “…add pepper to give a taste like the Id of Odin
  • “…axe-hewn potato chips…”
  • “…delicately fermented cud…”
  • “Thunder Bread, a sweet rye bread from an Icelandic recipe, cooked on the hot rocks of Mona Loa…”
  • “…frosted cookies, glazed to the luster of sun-drenched snow…”
  • “…flavored with delicate herbs from the Flemish bog…”